(Willughbeia edulis)



A plant of gedraphol


Family: Apocynaceae

Other names: Chittagong rubber, luti aam.


Gedraphol is found in the north eastern part of India, the region which is adjacent to Myyanmar. 


A woody climber, with long hooked tendrils.

Flowers fragrant. 

 A gedraphol fruit on tree

Fruits yellow or red, 5.0 7.5 cm long and 3.8-5.6 cm wide, resembling small mangoes, edible.


Gedraphol fruits taste pleasantly acid and are popularly eaten by local people.

Gedraphol fruits

            This plant yields a cautchouc which contains about25-27 per cent rubber.  The cautchouc also yields 55-85 per cent resin.


Gedraphol vines are sometimes planted around homes by local people.  New plants are raised from seed.


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