(Syzigium aqueum)


A tree of dieng-soh-liwa


Synonym: Eugenia aquea

English name: Watery rose apple.


Dieng-soh-liwa is found growing wild in Assam and Meghalaya states of the East India upto an altitude of 1300 m.  It is grown around homes in West Bengal.

Dieng-soh-liwa fruits

            It is an evergreen tree, 7-9 m high and is much branched.  The flowering takes place during March and the fruits ripen in May-June.  Flowers are white, red or purple.

A flower of dieng-soh-liwa

            Dieng-soh-liwa fruits are round, flattened at both ends and of the size of a small apple.  These are either white or pale rose in colour.  The pulp is spongy, juicy and lightly fragrant.  Each fruit contains 3-6 seeds.

            The ripe fruits are eaten as such.  These are made into beverages.

            The tree is propagated by seed as well as air layering.


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