(Garcinia forbesii)


A tree of kundong


Family: Clusiaceae

Other names: Asam kandis. bundar, red mangosteen,



Kundong is a fruit from South Easr Asia.  It is native to Malasia and Kalimantan and Sumatra areas of Indonesia.  Kundong is a very attractive fruit.

            It grows in tropical raiforests as an understory tree upto an elevation of 170o m.


A small to medium, evergreen, dioecious, perennial tree, upto 18 m high, trunk 90 cm wide, inner bark having sparse yellow exudate.

Leaves of a kundong tree

            Leaves borne on 2 cm long petioles, lamina large, glossy green, ovate elliptic, 12-19 x 6-9 cm wide, tapering to shortly tipped apex and to the base, margin entire, slightly recurved, secondary veins very fine, faint, parallel and straight, slightly raised on both surfaces.

            Flowers unisexual, with 4 sepals and 4 petals; male flowers on short 3 mm pedicels in clusters behind leaves, 6 mm across with numerous stamens forming a central globose mass; female flowers axillary or behind the leaves, solitary and sessile,

Kundong fruits of tree

            Fruit globose, 8 cm across, apple like, light green ripening to pinkish red or red, flkesh white, juicy and melting, with deeply depressed at the base and remnant of stigma as a roundish, raised,papillose knob.


Kundong fruits are eaten by local people.  These are often sold at local fruit markets. The melting white flesh  has a very pleasant sweet sour taste. 

Ripe and ready to eat fruits of undong

            In Sabah, the rind is dried and used as acidic flavouring in different cuisines.


Though kundong fruits are sold in the local markets, yet it is not a cultivated fruit.  All the fruits are collected from wild growing trees. 

            Kundong is a typical tropical fruit.  It is one of those fruits which are very good to eat and also have economic value but still no one knows about it outside its area of existence.  This fruit deserves to be promoted and cultivated as an orchard fruit.

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