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15 September 2014


Dr. Chiranjit Parmar


It is not easy to believe.  Sanjeev Chauhan, an apple grower from Kotkhai has broken all records.  The apple yields in his orchard, 65 tons/ha is ten times than the average production of Himachal Pradesh.  His achievement is nothing short of wizardry because his trees are 22 years old, these are on seedling rootstock and it is not a high density orchard.  One can say that he is using the same technology which was started by Stokes and other apple pioneers in Himachal decades ago.  Then how could he achieve it.  I am not able to understand. But what he says seems to be true.  Here are some photos of his apple laden trees.

            My instantaneous reaction after seeing the photographs (I have not visited his orchard) was, “Sanjeev, these trees will not bear any fruit next year.  This a case of extreme over bearing.”. Then Sanjeev told me that he was getting the same kind of crop continuously for the past three years and he will get it next year too.  He is full of confidence.

            Sanjeev has no degree or formal training in horticulture.  But his achievements are far more than the degree holders in the Horticultural University and State Department of Horticulture.  He has not only taken bumper crops from his apple trees, but has also been bringing out a very popular and information loaded Hindi quarterly magazine, Royal Times, on fruit growing.  He has already published one book on fruit growing and the second is due to come out in a couple of months.  How many at UHF, Nauni or HPKVV Palampur or in the State Department of Horticulture have been able to do it.

            I asked his how he was able to get so high yield from his apple trees.  His explanation for this is that by regulating his cultural practices he has raised the carbohydrate level of his trees.  Though the validity 150 years old Kraus and Kraybill C/N Ratio hypothesis about fruit bearing has been lost decades ago, but still I could not contradict him.

            Anyway, very well done Sanjeev.  Hats off to you.


Here are few pictures of his trees.

Mr. Sanjeev Chauhan



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