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15 October, 2014


Jagmohan Singh Chauhan[i]
Village- Kothon
P.O.- Shamti
Solan HP 173212
Phone: 94181156047 

Gale gala apple has turned out to be a very promising apple variety for Himachal Pradesh.  This apple was brought to Himachal Pradesh ten years ago from Van Well Nursery of USA and was planted at a few places in Himachal Pradesh.  Experience indicates that this variety performs under our conditions here.  Though the period of trial is very long, but based upon the performance of this variety during these years, it can br said that variety is suitable for growing in our state.

Gale Gala apple

Gale Gala has arisen as a mutant of the variety Royal Gala. It was discovered by Wallace Gale and the patent was assigned to Van Well Nursery of Wenatchee in Washington State of USA in 1997. It was introduced in Himachal Pradesh in 2004-05 from this nursery.


Gale Gala trees are vigorous, upright in growth with long pliant branches. It is semi spur type and the fruits are borne on 1 – 2 years old wood and on long strong bourse shoots. It is highly precocious and bears annually.

Gale Gala harvest

The chilling requirement Gale Gala varies from 700-800 hours. It can therefore be grown in the areas like k Kotkhai, Rajgarh etc. 

It is diploid cultivar with some what self-fertile tendency. Fruit set is heavy and thus requires thinning. Fruit quality is best on 2 years old spurs. It requires minimum 120 day after full bloom (DAFB) for harvesting. Fruit size is small to medium and usually uniform. The shape is round conic to oblong conic. The fruit colour is deep red with well defined stripes with strong blush. Ground colour of the fruit is pale yellow with red strips. The flesh of the fruit is creamish yellow, firm and crisp with aromatic flavor. Gale Gala fruits can be stored for three months under ordinary cold storage conditions and for eight months under controlled Atmosphere storage conditions.

A bearing tree of Gale Gala

         Gale Gala being moderate in chilling requirement can be grown successful in elevations ranging from 1500 m to 2400 m amsl under Himachal Pradesh conditions. This striped strain of Gala is performing well in Himachal Pradesh. The shape of the fruit is little conical. The fruit is very attractive, red coloured and almost whole fruit is covered with colour. The taste is sweet with slight acidic blend.  However, the fruit size can be a problem in higher altitudes. The cultivar has a great potential in Himachal Pradesh as the fruit is of commercial value and also a good pollenizer for Delicious cultivars.


[i] Dr. Jagmohan Singh Chauhan is a very senior horticultural scientist.  Besides heading the Department of Horticulture of UHF, Nauni, for several years, he has also worked as Director of Horticulture, Himachal Pradesh and Vice chancellor of HPKVV Palampur and UHF, Nauni Solan.


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