Dr. Chiranjit Parmar


  1. Procurement and supply small quantity sample or reference plant material of Indian plants for herbal and other medicinal formulations, cosmetics and health foods. We particularly specialize in the procurement of lesser-known plants, which are not commercial and whose material is not ordinarily traded in the markets.
  2. Procurement and supply of seeds and cuttings etc. of wild growing, unexploited and lesser-known fruits having a potential for being grown as new commercial crops 
  3. Collection of commercial information on various Indian medicinal plants intended to be used as raw material for making herbals, and cosmetics and botanical supplements
  4. Feasibility studies of manufacturing projects involving use of plant material from India as raw material.
  5. Sale of the CD, Some Wild Growing Fruits, Nuts and Edible Plants of the Western Himalayas.

Contact address:   Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
                            186/3 Jail Road, Mandi, HP, 175001, India
                            Phones: 91-1905-222810, 91-94181-81323



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